Wages Report and Annual Progress Report for 2019 published

On behalf of the Malawi Tea 2020 Steering Committee, we have published two reports: the Malawi Tea 2020 Progress report, and the independent report by the Wages Committee.

The Malawi Tea 2020 Progress Report for 2019 provides a summary of the key achievements in 2019 and strides of the programme towards achieving its objectives. It also takes into account the challenges faced and the strategies that have been adopted to mitigate these challenges.

The Wages Committee report 2019, provides an in-depth analysis of the progress made by the industry in closing the living wage gap, by updating the living wage figure and the actual wages. The report is compiled by an independent Wages Committee comprising of Martha and Richard Anker, and Levison Chiwaula (local economist). The report outlines the gains made by the industry taking into consideration the macro-economic environment in which the industry operates. In addition the Wages Committee also reviewed the in-kind benefits that works receive and calculated the impact of these benefits on the total package of the wage received by workers.


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