From cookstoves to electricity

Tea farmer Aubrey Tungama combines entrepreneurship and financial savvy to contribute to an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable industry

Aubrey Tungama is a tea farmer in Malawi. He is chairman of the Mulima cookstove production group, of which his wife is also a member, and a member of the Tadala Village Savings and Loans Association.

Cookstoves Aubrey Tungama and his wife in front of the cookstoves of the Mulima cookstove production group

Since childhood, Aubrey has always dreamed of living in a house with electricity. Instead, he has always relied on the sun to fuel his solar lights and radio, meaning he and his family lack power during rainy periods.

During 2019’s peak cookstove sale period, the Mulima group sold 599 stoves, earning that was shared among the group’s 14 members. Tadala VSLA group shared out their dividends around the same time.



Aubrey and his wife were able to use their combined profits to electrify their house with hydro-power. His lifelong dream has been fulfilled, and he was very happy to be able to closely follow current affairs on the radio during the recent election period.

As the chairman of the cookstove group, Aubrey has encouraged the other members to produce even more stoves ready for the next sale period to increase their income. To date, the group has produced over 780 stoves; their target is now to top 1,000.


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