Second Progress Report 2017

In 2017, the Malawi Tea 2020 programme continues to break new ground in the tea industry, collaborating in a multi-stakeholder partnership to achieve a competitive industry where workers earn a living wage and smallholders a living income.

Read more in the Second Progress Report 2017.





Wages Committee Progress Report 2017

This Wages Committee Progress Report updates the living wage to October 2017. It also indicates the gap between the living wage and the TAML base wage and between the living wage and the full wage package for typical tea workers.

Read the Progress Report of the Wages Committee here.





Plenary Presentations APM 2017

During the Annual Progress Meeting in Blantyre in October, plenary presentations granted insight into the report and the past year’s achievements.


1. Opening and Agenda
2. Progress report, wages committee and living income
3. Smallholders, energy efficiency, and improved policies
4. Sustainable procurement practices
5. Future of the estate sector and closure

Revitalising the Malawian tea industry

for the benefit of everyone