Broker and implement best finance option for replanting, factory refurbishments and irrigation

Since the start of the programme IDH has looked to identify and provide sources of affordable financing that will accelerate the investments of the estates in factory refurbishments, clonal replanting, irrigation systems and diversification.

To date IDH has led a process to design potential structures that could sufficiently entice investors in the most practical and efficient way. IDH has taken the proposition to Malawi to test the ideas and to undertake in depth discussions with the estates and other important stakeholders including financial institutions, the Reserve Bank and potential donors. The estates have been requested to develop business plans to show the investments required to deliver interventions that are in line with the Roadmap. The concept of the proposition was well received by the estates but other terms will need to be clarified in relation to interest rates and tenures as we move forward. A further IDH contribution to the program  will be through a ‘credit enhancement fund’ and to date €1 million has been allocated as risk capital by IDH, to start enticing investors to come to Malawi.


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